John's Trains, Inc.


This is my wants/needs/haves list. Please spend a few minutes to see if we can help each other out with this unusual affliction we have - I'll appreciate it.

All parts are priced each unless noted. All parts are guaranteed to be as represented. UPS, truck freight daily, Prepaid or credit cards please. I don't want it to be a headache!

You must download the list in PDF form... if you don't have a PDF reader you can get it from   It is a bit large but many sites use it.

Download the Train List now.  Version 2000-02-02

If you click the link, the list appears in your browser.  If you right click the link, you can choose "Save As" or "Save Target As" and download it to your machine and review it when you like.

For more information, contact John at:

John's Trains, Inc.
800 Jaguar Lane
Dallas, TX 75226

(214) 426-3116